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1.8 Support, Newest Updates, and Spoilers!


This past month I've been doing a lot of work to the server and I've done a major amount of things that I've put live on the server and also things I've been working on separately and on private server, getting ready for future updates. ;)

So let's get into everything that's been added and changed.

- Added 1.8 support
- Cleaned up the server chat by removing the name of the server before everything you said
- Updates to the server anticheat
- Did some more permission updates on the server that were previously causing some issues
- Worked a lot with the friends and party system, fixed some things and also started preparing it for future server updates
- Signs and heads will now be placed on server spawn areas with credits to the build, and the server
- Done some more updates to the /help command
- Done changes for better performance (I'm still doing some more work with this so expect the server to run a little more smoother once I finish doing everything)
- This happened a while ago but I wanted to add the anti-swear was removed but it will be re-added to the server soon.

- Voting now has rewards. (again) Voting in the links with /vote you'll get 10 coins per vote. More links will come in the future.
- Rewards for liking the server on NameMC rewards have been fixed - You now get 100 coins and 30 tokens
- You now get 15 coins for referring friends.
- Fixed a small issue with opening chests

- Done a lot of work to the shops

- Fixed some missing permissions/commands
- Fixed teleportation
- Did a bit of work to homes on this server.
- Added /back (only works 1 way)
- I wanted to add that you now get 10 cookies in /kit food and /kit starter

- Done some small updates to the server itself
- Fixed a handful of missing permissions/commands
- Added /back (only works 1 way)
- Fixed teleportation
- Did a bit of work to homes on this server.

- Added some small more limitations to Worldedit (nothing that should seriously affect you)
- You can now also sit on slabs
- Fixed previous issues with the Head database which prevented a set of heads of showing
- Did a bit of work to homes on this server.

- Done a lot of new updates and got a lot of bug fixing done.
- Added the old ratings back to the forums (all the old data is still the same)
- Cleaned up the forums a bit, removed some sections, combined some things and added some new places to post some more, also did a bit of cleaning and editing to the Announcement section to make everything a little more clear.
- Done some permission updates - I'm still doing some more permissions so expect this to be done soon.
- I also plan on adding some more threads to give some more information about the server in general and with some new updates so you can know how things work a lot better -
- Some other minor changes

- Other -
one last thing - I'm currently doing a lot of works to ranks so currently you won't be able to buy any of them, they'll be back up for sale soon.
Also I promised some spoilers, so here's some secret things I've been working ;)

That's all for now :)
Hope you enjoy everything!

Don't forget to report any bugs, or any issues you have here.

For more information about server plans/updates you can view this thread:)

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