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Lots of new updates and changes.


Lots up new changes and updates over the past month or so, and a lot more to come over the next few weeks, so this is just another announcement to catch you up on everything that's happened, and what will happen over the next few weeks. starting with the store.

- Some small price readjusting.
- Some small improvements and changes.
- You can now buy the Christmas specials on the store.
- Winter specials and new year specials will be added soon as well.

- Updates to some permissions.
- Added a link to the store on the top.
- Added links to our social media on the bottom of the forums.
: I'm going to do more soon, I'm just really focused towards the server right now :
getting into it

Server General:
- Reduced a lot of console spam from some small things that should help improve the server performance just a little bit.
- Done some more updates to ranks and chat.
- Anti hack improvements.
- And just some other minor performance improvements etc.
I know it said it won't be added again, but voting is now back.
Just use /vote in game to vote for the server
the current voting links are
I made it like that to make it simple and easy to access them from anywhere with an easy to remember link.
- Rewards for voting will be added soon as well -

I've done lots of changes in the hub, a lot to do with cosmetics.
- How cosmetic Particles work have been completely re-done (there are now a total of 39 Particles)
- Cosmetics Emotes have also changed a little bit (there are now a total of 17 Emotes)
- The way Cosmetics Banners work have also been completely redone (there are currently only 8, but a lot more will be added soon.)
- How the Cosmetics Heads work have also been changed. (renamed from Hats to Heads) (Currently there are 34 Heads, and a lot more to be added soon.)
- Added 2 pets (for now) many many more will be coming soon!
- - - You can now open chests in the hub - - -
- Some small permission fixes
- Bug fixes and some general updates.

- Started to implement the new spawn onto the server. (not a lot is there, but more and more will be added slowly.)
- Auctions are officially complete and ready to be used.
- Some small permission fixes
- Bug fixes some general updates and improvments.

- Issues with PvP toggling will be fixed soon.
- Some small permission fixes
- Bug fixes and some general updates.

- Prison shops are just about ready, just a few more things need to be done until they are 100% ready to use.
- Some small price changes. (probably the last time I'll change them)
- Some small permission fixes
- Bug fixes and some general updates.

- I'm aware of the issues with the Head Database and they will be fixed soon.
- Issues with PvP toggling will be fixed soon as well.
- Some small permission fixes
- Bug fixes and some general updates.​

Skyblock and Minigames:
Skyblock and Minigames have officially started development, and I hope to get them both out sometime before April.
More information to come soon.

That's pretty much all for now, enjoy and have a good day :)

Don't forget to report any bugs, or any issues you have here.

For more information about server plans/updates you can view this thread :)

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