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More big Server Changes.


Here's a list of everything that's been going on since the grand opening!

Creative, Factions and Survival
- Did a lot more editing to permissions to give you more access .
(more will come) Don't forget to report any missing commands to me so I can fix it and get it added!

- Done some changes to the punishment system and some more reformatting.
- Did a lot more changes and reformatting to the friend and party system to make it a bit faster and to make it a lot cleaner.
- Changes to the way how chat looks to clean it up a little more.
- Added a sidebar to every server.
- Some more minor work to premium ranks.

- Completely managed and fixed up how redstone works (this is to prevent people from making clocks and causing server lag) you can still use simple redstone, and if you use repeaters it's best to set them on the slowest setting so the server doesn't register it as a clock so quickly.
- Added some new features and did a lot more tweaks to help prevent lag from world edit and lag in general.

- Did some small changes to the website to fix some issues.

- Cleaned up the forums a bit.
- Did some more minor permission changes.
- You previously wouldn't get a confirmation email to verify your forum account, this was due to some security changes I forgot to add to the forums, sorry about that!
- You can now sign up/login to the forums with Facebook, Twitter and Google!
If you wish to associate your forum account with one or all of them you can login and go here
https://forum.ripswag.com/account/external-accounts or when signing up click login with and it will redirect you!
- Started doing modifications to the forum emojis, so you can start using them soon :)

That's it for now.
There will be a lot more coming soon! Enjoy!​

Don't forget to report any bugs, or any issues you have here.

For more information about server plans/updates you can view this thread:)

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